The Power of Positive Listening

Listening is like driving.  Everyone thinks they are good at it.  But probably less than half of people really are.  That’s why I was interested by the research of Kate Muir. Research into how emotions change over time has revealed that negative emotions tend to fade to a greater extent over time compared to positive emotions, an effect known as the fading affect bias. Talking to others is an important way in which this process can be enhanced: frequent social disclosure of past emotional events can help dissipate negative emotions and maintain positive emotions.  The question is, how and why does talking help? Kate described experimental research which demonstrates that the degree of responsiveness of the listener during social disclosure is pivotal in how the speaker feels afterwards. Further, merely responding to the speaker is not enough.  This research provides…

Hacking Creativity by Jessica Amortegui

 Join our Hacking Creativity Webinar on September 24 at noon EST.  Register here. I believe everyone has the potential to be creative when given the time, freedom, and autonomy. And, combined witha subtle dose of inspiration,  that creativity may turn into full-blown innovation. In business, creativity used to be reserved for the designers, marketers, and artistic talent that represented the antidote to buttoned-up organizational cultures. In today’s  increasingly ubiquitous “VUCA” environments, where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity have seeped across industry verticals, creativity is no longer reserved solely for the hip folk clad in skinny jeans.  The ability to innovate across the corporate value chain – from strategy formulation to go-to-market execution – is a pre-requisite for market competitiveness. Those who do it best relish an ascent up the corporate ladder with increased reputational capital: they are the leadership game-changers. Armed with this insight, a group of six students from…

Improve for The Business Stage Changes the Way People “Listen”

Thank you to Kat Koppett, who led Improv for The Business Stage earlier today. It was Positive Business DC’s first Webinar and has me thinking about approaching transformation and company culture a bit differently. You can read about my personal epiphany in Modern DC Business. What we’ll cover here takes a completely different flavor—the difference between “yes” and “but.” Linguists will tell you that “but” has strong negative connotations. Someone says “but” and we hear “no.” The word, “and,” however, is inclusive and without limits. Or is it? When discussing improvisational tools used within the context of business, Kat and Shannon (Polly) discussed how the Yes/And exercise becomes misapplied. The rule: You need to see, hear, and receive everything that’s happening and then use an offer—anything your partner says or does—including emotional context and gestures. You accept all that has…

Webinar for Coaches and Career Counselors

Shannon Polly, one of our co-founders, and Louisa Jewell are hosting one of their most popular Webinar series starting next week. Both women, from Accentuate Consulting, are MAPPs, holding the Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.  This makes them two of only a few hundred people who hold this degree. The series, titled “Positive Psychology for Career Counselors and Coaches,” will offer Career Counselors and Coaches practical techniques to incorporate positive psychology into their practices and apply it to help their clients flourish.  If you haven’t met Shannon, as a friend and co-founder myself, I can tell you that Shannon is a very engaging facilitator.  That is often the takeaway from those who see her and Louisa in action. The Webinar will include the latest techniques including how to help your clients utilize what we know…

It’s already February. Do you know where your New Year’s Resolutions are?

Shannon Polly, MAPP, asks us where are goals are now that we are 6 weeks past our New Year’s resolution. She also recaps our recent Meetup with our Speaker, Caroline Miller, on Creating Your Best LIfe. Continue reading

The 5-1/2 Secrets of Resilient Entrepreneurs

Thursday, Doug Hensch will kick off Positive Business DC’s “Well-being in The Workplace” speaker series when he reveals The 5-1/2 Secrets of Entrepreneurs. As noted in Monday’s post, Low Startup Ratio Causes Economic Stall and Job Deficit, entrepreneurship drives our economic engine—and we are unfortunately in a slump. Continue reading

Positively Profitable– Be Happy, Work Better

If you want to increase profits, you might want to check out the field of positive psychology. Continue reading