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How much time do you spend at work? Workplace happiness is critical to overall well-being. Take a page from the science of well-being and positive psychology to increase your happiness and maybe even help build a better company culture. Research shows that Diverse Teams are stronger in Innovation and Creativity. Selecting the right people is especially critical for small businesses and startups, where every individual represents a significant investment and a large percentage of your company. Identifying people with the skills and qualifications needed – that’s the easier

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Webinar: Connecting for Success

  Shift your perspective on relationships, well-being, and success. Led by Robert Rosales, EMBA, MAPP. Don’t forget to register here for webinar login details What is the greatest source of energy, creativity, and new business at work? People, provided they are fully engaged and supported by great leaders. In today’s workplace nothing of significance can be achieved alone. People are at the core of organizations because business, essentially, is about relationships. Surprisingly, research shows that most workplaces do not fully recognize the value of social in people’s lives. It’s time to rethink the importance of connections in our lives. In this transformative and entertaining webinar, Robert Rosales, advisor, coach, and founder of Lead Academy, a positive leadership consultancy, shares the latest research on relationships from neuroscience, positive psychology and business. In this webinar, you’ll learn: How positive social connections lead to a…

​Learn how the science of well-being can increase happiness and add to your bottom line at the same time.

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