Testing Resources

  1. Dr. Martin Seligman Free assessments including the VIA Survey of Character Strengths
  2. Gallup Strength Finder – StrengthsFinder 2.0 and Strengths Based Leadership
  3. Realise2 – Strengths assessment and development tool
  4. Standout Assessment – Strength solution for teams from the Marcus Buckingham Company


Recommended Reading

Social Support Makes Challenges Easier by Pete Berridge

  Is it surprising that a hill seems less steep when we are rested, in shape, or younger?  Or, that a hill appears steeper and distances appear greater when we are tired and depleted? Research has shown that our physical resources such as fitness, age, and feeling  refreshed influence our visual perception.[i], [ii] How does social support affect visual perception?  Researchers, Schnall, Harber, Stefanucci & Profitt[iii] set out to answer that question and here is what they discovered: Participants accompanied by a friend, when standing in front of a hill, estimated the hill to be 10 to 20% less steep than participants who were alone (even though that friend was standing three feet away, facing the other way, and not talking). Having people simply think of a “supportive person” led participants to see a hill as 10 to 20% less steep. Further, the relationship quality…

RECORDING – Shift Positive 360 Webinar

Miss the webinar today?  No problem! Here is the link to the recording that shares more insight on: 1) How to convince leaders to engage with the shift positive 2) Why a systems approach is the most successful for change 3) How using the Shift Positive 360 actually nets you more clients! And don’t forget the to get a 10% discount on the certification (February 23-24 in DC) go to: before January 31st.

Shift Positive 360 – Certification for Coaches

Certification Training: February 23-24, 2017 Are you interested in being certified in the Shift Positive 360? The Shift Positive 360 is a narrative 360 approach used by executive and leadership coaches and HR leaders. This approach is grounded in positive psychology and focuses on engaging the client’s “people system” throughout the change process to ensure sustainable positive change. Join the two-day certification training and become well versed in positive psychology, social systems, the method and methodology behind the Shift Positive 360, and experience your own shift throughout the training. Register Here to take advantage of the special Positive DC Early Bird Special (Register by January 31, 2017) and save $250 In the certification process you will: Get grounded in key Positive Psychology concepts Feel confident in using the shift+ 360 Be capable in garnering allies for your client Challenge the traditional…

Leading from Someone Else’s Shoes by Yashi Srivastava

The job of a leader is complex as it is, and it gets even more so during difficult times. After the results of the recent presidential elections in the US exposed a deep political divide in the country, numerous educational and professional institutions have been attempting to reconcile various perspectives so as to move forward in their respective pursuits. Many of these institutions prioritize and celebrate diversity, and one of the questions that faces their leaders today is about what they can do to effectively manage people from diverse ethnic and political backgrounds. While this US election presents a recent and salient example of troubled times, it isn’t the only one. Organizational life is often marked by conflicts between different groups of people, and leaders are required to handle these conflicts. What can leaders do to manage such situations effectively?…

Shift Positive 360 – free webinar

Webinar: January 18, 2017 12-1pm ET Join us to learn how positive psychology and social systems can transform feedback from its current broken state into the constructive, energizing experience is was intended to be. Pete Berridge, MAPP & PCC and Jen Ostrich, PCC, co-founders of the Shift Positive 360, will talk about why feedback and 360s are not as effective as they can be. Learn how positive psychology and social support systems can make all the difference in your client’s success in creating sustainable change. In this webinar you will learn: The benefits of a solution-focused vs problem focused approach to feedback To challenge the notion of confidentiality with feedback and why it’s less effective How to set your clients up for successful change by creating their own “people system”   Pete Berridge and Jen Ostrich are both Hudson Institute…