Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Little Scholarship That Could

In 2006, a group of dedicated Master of Applied Positive Psychology alums decided to start a scholarship for the program.  And they donated and they donated, but they had a large mountain to climb of logistics at the University of Pennsylvania.  They built up the scholarship even though none of the money had been given away yet.  (‘I think I can, I think I can.’) Then when Chris Peterson passed away in 2012, more students came together and wanted to honor him with a scholarship and decided to combine with the earlier efforts to give back to students.  That little scholarship that could didn’t know that it would take a year to get over the ‘mountain’ of red tape at Penn in order to rename the ‘fellowship’.  (‘I think I can.’)  There was some treacherous weather on the mountain of…

Teachers Learn A New Trick by RedRover

How do we go about making sure that our kids learn empathy in addition to reading, writing, and arithmetic in school? Sadly, if you talk to today’s teachers, it often gets lost in the shuffle of getting the “real” instruction done. Teachers have so much time to get the nitty-gritty done the time for learning the soft skills fall by the wayside. Yet empathy, the ability to walk in someone else’s place and truly feel what they experience, gives children a way to understand the world differently. That’s where RedRover comes in. This organization has invested in building a program that teaches empathy to third and fourth graders. Empathy Goes to The Dogs… and Cats Let’s suppose we’re part of a class. The teacher tells us that we are trying The RedRover Reading Program today. Everybody becomes involved and you…

Shift Positive 360

The Shift Positive 360 continues to take off. Pete Berridge (our colleague) had another tremendous experience certifying coaches and HR practitioners in the Shift Positive 360 in Austin Texas in September. Our next certification is set for October 13 – 14 in Minneapolis for those interested in experiencing how narrative 360’s grounded in positive psychology and engaging the client’s “people system” leads to deeper, lasting change for clients and employees. View the 7-minute presentation and find out more about registration here.