Good Space Energizes and Motivates


RTKL won the competition

This is unlikely a surprise – we feel better when we are in better environments.  And this absolutely applies to our workspaces.  Well, Marcia Moran and I got to see some interesting samples of great workspaces on Monday night when we went to a fun event sponsored by DesignLab.  Their idea was to hold a contest for architects and have them give people a “glimpse into the future of office space.”  Vornado, the landlord, gave six different firms suites on a single floor in Crystal City.  Then, they invited the community in to tour the space and vote on their favorite suite.

Each impressive space was built out and designed by the following firms: RTKLFOXOTJPerkins & WillSmith Group, and VOA.  Right away we saw a of “infographic style” drawing on a white board that really captured much of why good space matters when thinking about Positive Business – happier employees translates to a positive impact on morale, culture and even the bottom line.  Here are a few of the nuggets:

- There is a 32% increase in productivity when employees are given a say in the design of their workspaces
- Happy employees are 31% more productive in an environment that supports their work.
- 62% of U.S. Workers say they would be more motivated if their workspace surroundings were improved

It didn’t surprise us.  Anyway, as we toured, we were legitimately impressed with all six of the suites – beautiful, functional, and all very different from one another.  Some commonalities was pleasant lighting, bright and striking colors, lots of community space, use of technology throughout, geared to the comfort of workers, flexibly (many spaces easily converted), sleek lines, and the openness of the suites.  But, yet, each had their own distinct personality – and none of it was commonplace space.

So, are you curious who won?  So were we and the winner was announced today – RTKL. Congratulations, RTKL!

By the way, all these suites are now for lease, so you if you are looking for cool space in the Washington DC area, you can reach out here.  And, if you are just curious to get a glimpse of what the future looks like, check out the suites for yourself, here and enjoy the photos below.

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