Inspired to Set Unrealistic Goals

The people who attended the January 31 Positive Business DC Meetup at Teqcorner understand why unrealistic goals produce far greater fulfillment than the goals we typically set. Caroline Adams Miller gave several very powerful examples of how unrealistic goals are not only attainable—they also set the stage for achieving remarkable things that change a person’s life in unexpected and ultra rewarding ways. Surprisingly, only 20% of people set challenging goals. How does Caroline approach goal setting differently from other life coaches? For one thing, she holds a MAPP (Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology) from the University of Pennsylvania. Caroline was one of the first people to go through the program. In doing so, she conducted the foundational research on the intersection of goals and happiness. Caroline discovered that a lot of what we’ve previously been led to believe about goals…

Using Strengths to The Point of Weakness

Because people tend to hire others like themselves, the recruitment process leads to organizational imbalance unless the hiring manager acknowledges and curbs this natural, human bias. A company that has too many people with the same strengths unintentionally creates a blind side (or two) and lacks the strength needed to become successful in the marketplace, much less a market leader Continue reading