Positive Business Presents Martin Best Webinar on “Qualities every Leader Needs to Thrive”

Positive Business DC (PBDC) today announced that Martin Best will offer a free webinar discussing how the world of business has changed and how leaders can thrive in this evolving environment. The webinar, slated for Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 4 p.m. EST, is the 11th event sponsored by PBDC to increase well-being in the workforce. The organization’s events are both live and online and the Meetup now has over 500 members.

“As I work with business leaders, I often hear how much the landscape of business has changed… leaders are challenged to change their perspectives and skills,” said Martin Best, “And what leaders find most surprising and counterintuitive is how much traits like authenticity, empathy and creativity play in inspiring teams.”

Martin Best is the founder of the Corporate Theatre in London, where he is renowned for his unique and effective techniques where he marries the humanities and performing arts practice, guiding people to become leaders who inspire through passion and purpose.

“Martin Best takes a senior leadership team to a different level,” GSK’s HR VP and Director have said, “He helped us to see and create vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness. He left us with the mechanics to do this … a better way of behaving, a willingness to be open, a camaraderie, which led to a better quality of outcome. It was really special.”

Those who are interested can register for the free webinar at http://www.positivebusinessdc.com.

About Martin Best
Martin Best has a reputation for bringing out the best in people utilizing his background as a performing artist, scholar and teacher. Martin is the founder of The Corporate Theatre. The Corporate Theatre brings the integrated power of Arts and Humaties to transform teams, inspire high performance, and enable corporate culture to focus on purpose first and translate it into productivity. The Corporate Theatre is proud to include Shannon Polly as an Associate.

About Positive Business DC
Positive Business DC (@PositiveBizDC) was founded in 2012 by Shannon Polly (@shannonpolly), MAPP, Marcia Moran (@mmoran76), and Donna Hemmert (@dhemmert) to inform and inspire leaders across the Metro DC region to increase well-being, productivity and profitability in the workplace. More than a decade of rigorous scientific research shows that well-being can be measured, taught, and increased through the tools developed from the science of positive psychology. Infusing these elements into corporate DNA enables organizations to increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and turnover, and drastically improve the bottom line.