Webinar – Successfully Setting Boundaries

Mark Sachs will present Successfully Setting Boundaries

Boundary setting is key to productivity, morale and teamwork.

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Mark Sachs

Mark Sachs

Join October 23rd at Noon EST – right from the comfort of your computer. The success of organizations is often determined by how well staff relates with others. An important way to improve this is by effective boundary setting. When we set better boundaries, productivity increases, teamwork is more effective, and morale improves. Also, fewer deadlines are missed and there is less stress and turnover. Also, successfully setting boundaries can be beneficial in personal relationships.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

-Why it might be difficult for you to set a boundary
-What you need to tell yourself that can help you set a boundary
-The essential steps to being successful in setting them

About Mark: Mark has been a consultant/coach for over 15 years and is the previous director of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s Management Consulting Service. He was also was manager of Station Relations for National Public Radio prior to his work with CPB.