Webinar: Qualities Every Leader Needs to Survive

WEBINAR: Qualities every Leader Needs to Thrive

Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 4pm

Learn how authenticity, empathy, and creativity transform business

canstockphoto0352325It’s hard to read popular publications like Forbes and Business Insider recently without reading about business leaders and traits like empathy, authenticity and creativity.  Business is evolving.  Join Positive Business DC as our guest, Martin Best of the Corporate Theatre, discusses how the world of business has changed and how leaders can respond to this by unlocking their real potential as inspirational leaders.

About Martin Best:  Martin Best has a reputation for bringing out the best in people utilizing his background as a  performing artist, scholar and teacher.  Martin is the founder of The Corporate Theatre. The Corporate Theatre brings the power of Arts and Humanities to transform teams, inspire high performance, and improve corporate culture.


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