Happiness at Work:  Measure it for Success

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


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Jocelyn S. Davis

Jocelyn S. Davis

What if you could be happy at work? No, it’s not a trick question and, it’s not a pipe dream. For people working in orga- nizations in any sector, it’s possible to assess your level of happiness at work,  identify and capitalize on existing happiness strengths, identify and resolve existing deficiencies in happiness at work.

Jocelyn S. Davis, an expert in assessments and positive psychology, will show us the key elements of the business case for including happiness at work as a key performance metric in your organization.

Jocelyn S. Davis is an expert in assessments and positive psychology and founder of Nelson Hart, LLC. She is also the former CFO of AARP and a dynamic speaker. This will be an hour well spent. And as always, our webinars are free to our members and the public.