Improv in Business Webinar – follow up

Image of Kat Koppett who presents Improv for the Business State
Kat Koppett

Thank you to everyone who attended Improv for Business, our very first Positive Business DC Webinar!  We had a great turnout so be sure to join our Meetup so you don’t miss any announcements.

If you missed it, our guest speaker was Kat Koppett, founder of Koppett & Company and author. Kat and Shannon Polly had a riveting discussion about the principals of  Improv and how applying to business can be transformative.  If you missed it, you can check out this Modern DC Business article and also the recording of the webinar itself.

If you did not get enough, and I know we didn’t, Kat has graciously offered to do an online “on-the-fly” sample instruction.  So, if you want to participate, just post a message here on our Facebook page.  Here is the question to answer:  ”What’s a part of your business you want to improv?

Finally, we have a really big event next Thursday at 7pm at TeqCorner on Positive Diversity.  We will discuss how to build a brilliant team though diversity.
Thanks again for attending and be sure to check out Koppet and Company, especially if you are looking for coaching.  And if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out PBDC’s website and follow us on Twitter @positivebizdc and like us on Facebook.

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